Brooklyn-based chamber pop outfit San Fermin released a new song – “Open” – on Thursday. According to band leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the new song is the first off a forthcoming album.

“‘Open’ was the keystone of this new record, the song I kept coming back to that shaped the direction of everything else,” Ludwig-Leone told NPR. “It’s a call from that little nagging voice telling you that you might be a bad person, or at least want bad things.”

“Open” has a mystical feel to it. Singer Charlene Kaye shines amongst wandering strings, horns and percussion. Kaye’s lyrics allude to Ludwig-Leon’s comments on our primal desire to do things we know might not be right:

“Open your mind. Let me in. Give me your mouth. Give me your skin. I’m a ghost at the controls. I have your body. I have your soul. You’re letting go.”

The featured image of the landing page on San Fermin’s website matches the dark fantasy created in “Open.” We can’t see what’s beyond this little clearing in the trees. But aren’t you curious to find out?


No release date has been set for Belong, but it sounds like we can expect it to arrive some time in the next few months.

-Mike Still